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Hi! Last month, we roasted a pumpkin and froze the flesh in 1-cup portions in freezer bags. My partner has made blintzes with it, and I've been making fancy quesadillas (defrost pumpkin, add black beans and grated cheese and salt and mix it all together, cook in a tortilla on a skillet like a quesadilla and add arugula). It got me wondering: what other things work really well to cook in big batches, freeze, and use as ingredients later?

The criteria here:
-Economy of scale to cook lots of at once (only need to spend one night processing things and then get many meals in the future with less prep)
-still tasty and usable as a versatile ingredient after freezing

We just froze some beans cooked from dry in the pressure cooker, and I'm thinking about other squashes to roast. Maybe carmelized onions. Anyone have more ideas or success stories?
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Following up from my post to the comm earlier today; a hearty thank you to everyone who commented with suggestions, i.e. [personal profile] qem_chibati, [personal profile] yarngeek, [personal profile] leanne, [personal profile] katarik, [personal profile] weaverbird, and [personal profile] jenett.

Since it is late, and I should be snoozing shortly, this will be a story almost entirely in pictures. I began with chicken carcass in water with a dash of apple cider vinegar, and let it begin to heat up / boil while I prepared my additives...

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I know this might not sound like a good idea, but they do work. I tried them in [personal profile] maewyn's iced coffee this morning, and it was awesome - they didn't dilute the coffee as much as regular ice does (I like my coffee really strong) and they added flavour. They'd probably work really well in creamy or milky cold drinks such as milkshakes or Baileys.

How to make chocolate ice cubes )
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This is one of those things that comes up for me time and time again, and I never know how to deal with it. Now, I can ask you guys. YAY!

So, I have a recipe that calls for cooked ham. I got some at Whole Foods, from the deli counter, and it's a *huge* piece. I'm hoping to be able to use half of it in the recipe, and save the other half for a while. Of course, that makes me think of freezing it, but I do not know if that is possible.

So, dear knowledgeable residents of [community profile] boilingwater, can I freeze cooked ham? And if so, how would I best do so to have it come back out of the freezer in top condition?

Thanks in advance!

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