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gentle readers, i have a conundrum.

time made a fool out of me )

this is not a state of affairs that can be permitted to continue. my dignity, my self-respect, and the minor matter of my reputation as competent in the kitchen depend on closing the achievement gap between myself and those posting enthusiastic reviews on cooking websites with frequent resort to all caps. i have decided to throw myself on the collective mercy of crowd-sourcing. listen closely, dear readers, for i do not say this lightly: help me, omnomnom kenobi et al. you're my least embarrassing source of hope.

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I'm moving soon, and trying to use up stuff in my kitchen. I wanted to make cookies, but have no eggs ... and the only cookie recipe I have that doesn't use eggs is my aunt's Candy Cane Cookies. But it's not Christmas, so because I am a huge nerd, I made them Starfleet colors instead (red, blue, and gold). Anyway, my flist was impressed and wanted the recipe, so I'm sharing. Enjoy!

Ingredients: butter/margarine, sugar, flour, milk. Flavoring extract and food coloring are nice but probably optional!

Equipment: Large mixing bowl, and at least one smaller bowl for every color. Cookie sheet. Oven. Measuring spoons and cups. Refrigerator. Spoon. Having an electric mixer is also very helpful, as well as a spatula to scrape the dough out of the mixer, and a pancake turner to get finished cookies off the pan.

Click here for Candy Cane Cookie recipe!

About 1/3 of a recipe of Starfleet cookies looks like this:

Candy Cane cookies will look something like this, only easier.


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