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Following up from my post to the comm earlier today; a hearty thank you to everyone who commented with suggestions, i.e. [personal profile] qem_chibati, [personal profile] yarngeek, [personal profile] leanne, [personal profile] katarik, [personal profile] weaverbird, and [personal profile] jenett.

Since it is late, and I should be snoozing shortly, this will be a story almost entirely in pictures. I began with chicken carcass in water with a dash of apple cider vinegar, and let it begin to heat up / boil while I prepared my additives...

Lots of chopping: 3 sticks celery, 2 parsnips, 1 large carrot, leftover onions. Next, I sauteed some roughly chopped garlic, mushrooms, 2 bay leaves, fresh rosemary & fresh thyme (these last from the planter boxes on the backporch):

And into the pot!

Six hours or so of boiling / simmering later...

...there was a lot less in the pot! Also it turns a beautiful gold-cream color. After straining & transferring to a different pot (half the initial pot's size), it looked like this:

Once it cooled, I transferred it into 5 freezer bags of roughly 2 cups each: 10 cups total stock produced!

The end.

Date: 2013-06-10 09:59 am (UTC)
weaverbird: (Food)
From: [personal profile] weaverbird
Looks and sounds great! Congrats!

Date: 2013-06-10 11:05 am (UTC)
manifold: Heisenberg was here. Maybe. (heisenberg was here)
From: [personal profile] manifold
Good grief, that looks DELICIOUS.


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